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What Should You Expect When We Shop and Deliver your Shopping?

Our shopper try their very best to shop for fresh vegetables, fruits, baked goods and any other food items for at the best price available within your area.

We like to shop at your favorite store so that you can remain confident that we are delivering the same items you would if you wen to the store yourself and at the same prices.

If you happen to have any coupons that can be redeemed at your preferred store, we recommend you send it to us together with your shoping list and our shoppers will so their best to redeem them for you. After all, we all love a good discount.

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Published by Ottawa Shoppers on April 13,2018

Get a Month of Shopping for $20!!

Shopping should be fun and not a chore. Considering that most people do their household shopping once a week, it may start to feel like a chore. On top of that you have to drive to different stores in order to get it all done.

Ottawa Shoppers would like to offer you a permanent vacation from your weekly shopping for $20 per month.

We are offering to shop for all your groceries once every week and deliver them to your door nice and fresh. This will give you spare time to attend to more important personal and family tasks.

In order to make the process flawless, we request that you to send us your weekly grocery shopping list at least 48 hours in advance from the time when you would like us to deliver the items to you. This will allow us to schedule a time window for shopping and delivery.

As a mum or dad you can use this service to get shopping done and spend quality time with your family.

As a busy professional you can get the job done at work and come home to a fully stocked fridge.

As a son or daughter, you can use this service to shop for your ageing parents

If you do not like shopping, this service will keep your fridge and pantry stocked hustle free.

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Published by Ottawa Shoppers on April 05,2018

Tips for Grocery Shopping 2018

For you to lead a healthy lifestyle good nutrition is essential and this begins from the point where you shop for groceries. Shopping for groceries can be a tedious task especially when one has no plan. Planning and budgeting go a long way when it comes to shopping since they focus on the key factors in shopping including time and money which we don't want to spend too much of.

The following are tips that one can follow when grocery shopping:

1. Have a shopping list ready

We like to think we'll remember everything we need to buy when we get to the store but this may not be the case especially when the shopping hustle begins once we are at the store. To be able to plan your shopping list, it's important to plan your meals for the week first so you’ll know what you will need to prepare these meals then make a list. A shopping list also saves you from buying a lot of what you do not need or forgetting what you need most.

2. Have a budget

Working with a fixed budget helps keep you on track while shopping and prevents you from buying items that you don't really need and this saves you a considerable amount of cash. When you have no budget chances are you’ll spend too much.

3. Buy in bulk where necessary

For items that you need in large quantities, buy in bulk since it's cheaper this way compared to buying the same thing in small amounts over and over. However make sure you only buy enough to prevent them from going bad and to ensure you have fresh product.

4. Avoid the rush hour

This saves you time since you don't have to spend much of your time in long queues and this time can be used to get other things done.

5. Do not buy items just because they are on sale

When shopping, items with the ‘on sale’ sticker may be more appealing to the eye. However, this does not necessarily mean that they are the cheapest option. It’s advisable to check other items and their prices and compare with those that are on sale before deciding on what to add to your shopping cart.

6. Pick dairy items last

Dairy items and other groceries that can spoil outside a chilled or cooled setting should be picked last when shopping since they can spoil when in warmer conditions for long.

7. Grab produce and refrigerator items from the back

Most store stockers follow a first in first out system meaning new inventory is stocked behind old inventory since they don’t want these to go bad. It’s therefore advisable to pick stuff from the back in order to get the freshest produce.

8. Watch the time of day you do your shopping

The best way to buy fresh produce is by making sure your shopping time coincides with delivery time. Most fruits and vegetables are delivered and stocked in the morning in most local groceries. It would therefore be wise to make your grocery shopping trips in the morning hours compared to later hours of the day when buyers have selected the best produce.

9. Consider shopping in more than one grocery store

Sometimes the store you’re used to shopping at may not have the best produce of all. It would therefore be wise to shop at various grocery points as you might stumble upon stores with better produce for better prices and this is what most shoppers are looking for.

When grocery shopping we all look to minimize on cost but also get the best quality product while we are at it. Following the tips above will help you make the best out of your grocery shopping trips leaving you with the best produce and cutting down on your costs thus having a successful shopping experience.

Published by Ottawa Shoppers on July 13,2018
Ottawa Shopper delivery Errands

Today we had the pleasure of shopping for a birthday gift for a client's mum and deliver it. The client had a busy day and could not make it to the store in time but stillneeded to buy a gift before stores closed for the Civic holiday tomorrow. She sent us a photo of the sewing machine and added that it was available at Walmart. Our shopper found, purchased and delivered the gift together with gift wrap and a roll of ribbon.

We wish her mum a Happy Birthday tomorrow and a Happy Civic holiday to all our esteeed customers and staff in Ottawa

Published by Ottawa Shoppers on August 06,2018


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