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How It Works

Step 1: Send us your grocery shopping list via email, text or telephone

Step 2: Together, we arrange for an agreeable delivery time

Step 3: We do your shopping according to your shopping list

Step 4: We deliver the groceries at our prearranged date and time

Step 5: You reimburse us for the groceries plus a shopping fee

Shopping and Delivery Fees

Grocery Total $100 or less = $10

Grocery Total between $101 - 150 = $15

Grocery Total Over $150 = 10% of the total

Fees include shopping, pick up, delivery and mileage



When our shoppers are done shopping for your items, we will send you an image of the receipt plus the shopping and delivery fee so that you can arrange for payment.

We currently accept payment via:


Interac Email Transfer

Debit and Credit card payments coming soon!

Word from Our Customers

Ottawa Shoppers reviews

Ottawa Shoppers reviews

Ottawa Shoppers reviews

What kind of shopping and delivery services does Ottawa Shoppers provide?

Ottawa Shoppers offers a variety of services shopping, pick up and delivery services to our esteemed customers:

Corner Store Shopping and Delivery

We will go to the corner store and buy milk, pop, snacks, cigarettes and any other items you would like us to pick up and deliver them to your door.

If your order includes cigarettes, we require that the person receiving the items should have a valid ID showing they are 19 years or older.

Wine or Beer Shopping and Delivery

We also offer shopping and delivery for your beer, wine and other alcoholic drinks.

We require that the person receiving the items to have an ID to prove they are 19 years or older.

Pharmacy Pick up and Delivery

We also make deliveries from the pharmacy. Please order your prescriptions online or by phone from your favorite pharmacy and we will pick up and deliver them to you.

Weekly Grocery Shopping and Delivery

We would like to take the burden of doing the weekly household groceries off your hands. Send us your weekly grocery shopping list at least one day in advance of when you need it and let us know when you would like us to deliver.

We will go to Costco or your favorite grocery store, shop and deliver the shopping to your door.

Read more ...

Hardware Materials Shopping and Delivery

Are you doing some renovations or or repairing that leaky faucet? Send us the part name and number or materials needed for the job plus the hardware store you would prefer to buy from.

We will go to the hardware store, shop and deliver the parts, materials and deliver to your doorstep.

Ottawa Package Pick up and Drop

Do you have a package you would like to ship but haven't had a chance to drop off at the post office? We will pick up from your house and drop it off for you.

Once delivered, we will send you a photo of the payment and tracking information. We also drop off and pick up dry cleaning and other packages anywhere within Ottawa for a reasonable fee. Packages should have maximum weight of 50 lbs.

Request Pick Up

Did we miss any other errands you would like us to take care of? Send us a quick note and one of our agents will get back to you ASAP!!!





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